About Security Company “Resurs”

The Resource security company works at the market of security services of Moscow and the Moscow region 7 years.

Our employees-the best experts officers of a stock of power structures of Russia having a wide experience of work in the field of safety ensuring and the solution of non-standard situations in the field of the organization of a law and order and safety. Our guards are well trained in tactical shooting, Hiking support and extreme driving, they are trained in the techniques of response and medical care.

Clients of the private security organization “Resurs” - representatives of large business: banks, insurance and construction companies, large enterprises, politicians and businessmen.

Private security company “Resurs” provides the following services:

  • Physical protection of objects (offices, banks, shopping centers, businesses, warehouses, shops, private houses and residential complexes).
  • Protection of individuals (bodyguards for businessmen and politicians, child protection, etc.).
  • Security audit (our experts will assess the current state of security of the facility and prepare recommendations to address deficiencies in the security system).
  • Protection of public events (closed and political events, parties, conferences, etc., where there are VIP-persons).
  • Technical protection (development of the plan of installation of system of video surveillance and the alarm system, installation of the equipment).

Resurs is a synonym for security for you and your business

License for private security activities, certificates

Main office Rosgvardii for the city of Moscow. License for private security activities. This license grants the right to provide security services specified in the application.
Annex to the license for implementation of private security activities. List of permitted types of security services.

License for the right to provide security services

  • Protection of life and health of citizens
  • Protection of objects and property
  • Protection of objects or property with implementation of works on design, installation and operational maintenance of technical means of protection with adoption of the corresponding measures of reaction to their signal information
  • Advising and advising clients on issues of lawful protection against unlawful encroachments
  • Ensuring order in the places of mass events
  • Provision of on-site and access control

Certificate of conformity

Based on the evaluation results "Resource" corresponds to the requirements of the Federal law No. 223-ФЗ “About purchases of goods, works, services by separate types of legal entities”

  1. There is no information in the register of unfair suppliers
  2. It is suitable for timely and full satisfaction of needs of legal entities in goods, works, services with necessary indicators of the price, quality and reliability and corresponds to needs of the customer for quality of the provided goods, works, services
  3. Able to implement the guiding principle of the customer: targeted and cost-effective expenditure of funds for the purchase of goods, works and services
Voluntary certification system “Register of verified organizations”. Certificate of conformity
Annex to the voluntary certification system “Register of verified organizations” РОСС РЦ.31512.04ИЕЮ0
The liability insurance policy of persons involved in security activities

The liability insurance policy
of organizations involved in security activities

Object of insurance: property interests, which do not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation, related to compensation by the Policyholder for direct damage to life and health and property of Third parties, arising in connection with the implementation of their security activities.

Security activity within the framework of this Policy means the provision of the following services:

  • protection of life and health of citizens;
  • property protection, including during transportation;
  • design, installation and operational service of means of the security and fire alarm;
  • advising clients on issues of lawful protection against unlawful encroachments;
  • ensuring order in the places of mass events;
  • ensuring intrabuilding and admission modes on objects